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Pirate Barbarossa Crete
Forts, Caves & Hideouts

Pirate Barbarossa Crete - small hidden coves, caves for treasure, sneaky mist-covered harbours; these are all stock in trade for pirates. The imagination runs wild in Crete with so many such harbours and caves dotted all over the island, and on smaller islands just off her coast. The Venetian forts built to withstand the attacks of pirates stand in silent testimony to the violence of history across the Mediterranean.

Gramvousa/ Γραμβούσα

An old fort was a lookout for pirates and corsairs coming into the shallow waters off Cape Tigani.


Agioi Theodoroi Islands / Άγιοι Θεόδωροι

A safe bay and a deep cave, perfect for hiding out and hiding treasure. These two islands sit just off the north coast of Chania opposite Platanias and Agia Marina beaches. Forts were built here in 1583 by the Venetians to ward off pirate attacks.

Pirates Fjord /Πειρατικό Φιόρδ 

The tiny yet deep sheltered harbour in southern Crete is named 'Pirates' Fjord' and made a great hiding spot for a boat in those violent times. Today the rocks are landscaped and umbrellas line the shore, and modern pirates receive a warm welcome at the hotel just metres from the beach.


Koufonisi Island/ Κουφονήσι

Τhe unpopulated small island of Koufonisi is 5.5 km south of Cape Goudero in eastern Crete . With sheltered bays and caves, there is no doubt it was used by pirates during the 16th Century. There are also Hellenic, Roman and Minoan ruins on the island, and deserted, sandy beaches.

Set Sail for An Unforgettable Adventure on Pirates Of Crete

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